About the Author

I am a Human Resources Manager within manufacturing.  I love sports, growing up with the hope of playing major league baseball.  In more recent years my wife and I enjoy our motorcycle trips, hiking, kayaking and we love to travel.  We love our kids and grandkids and the time we have with them.  My wife and I are both readers, and I like to write.  My writing focus is primarily Christian Faith.  Regardless of your worldview (and we all have one, purposely or not), we all know that life is short and death awaits us.  Does that matter?  Is there life and hope beyond the grave?  Is there evidence to support one God who made the universe, who is responsible for the life each of us has?  How are we to relate to him, what is the meaning of life as we stumble toward the end line called death?  I can only hope my thoughts help move us in the right direction.  At the very least I hope my thoughts make you think.  You may share thoughts that will make me think.  Together, our goal is not to be enemies, but friends.  I believe there is a heaven.  And I want us there together!